Our Services

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year on both a white_glovepermanent or temporary basis.

We offer a complete line of services, from patrolling buildings, controlling entries and exits, enforcing regulations, monitoring CCTV systems, reporting hazardous conditions, checking IDs, responding to emergency calls, locking gates and doors to protecting your employees.

  • Security Officers: Pro Security Group can provide armed or unarmed security officers to ensure safety at your organization. We train all of our armed and unarmed officers in crime prevention, emergency response procedures and inspection procedures. Our armed officers receive additional training in handgun proficiency and are licensed by The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. Nothing is a more powerful crime deterrent for your organization than a uniformed security officer.
  • Security Escorts: Pro Security Group can provide security escort services to ensure the safety of your visitors, vendors, employees and senior executives. We offer safety escorts to employees all day long, including security to and from the workplace.
  • Special Events: Pro Security Group can provide discrete, effective special event security. Whether it’s a convention, private party, wedding or parade, each event has unique circumstances that must be addressed and prepared for. Our safety assessment will take into account the time, location, people attending, additional security measures in place, and whether it’s a high or low-profile event. Let Pro Security assist you in ensuring that your special event is a success.
  • Concierge Service: For this service we provide officers dressed in business attire rather than uniforms to provide security for office or apartment buildings. The service these officers provide offers extra emphasis on etiquette; public relations and customer service. In addition to keeping the premises safe, they greet tenants and guests, assist with directions and information, answer phone calls, maintain visitor logs, escort employees after hours, and make reservations at restaurants and theaters.
  • 24-Hour Dispatch: We offer a 24-hour live dispatch, which keeps in contact with our supervisors, officers assigned to stationary posts and clients. Should you ever need to contact security, you will always be able to talk to a “real person” and not a recording. You can talk to an actual trained security officer with field experience that can quickly understand and help resolve your problem.
  • Alarm Response: Pro Security Group provides alarm response services for individuals, businesses and alarm companies. Our experienced supervisors respond rapidly to alarm calls and can take care of any security situation upon arrival. Don’t let today’s false alarm laws cost you extra money. Let our cost-effective response to all your alarm calls while providing the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Private Investigation: We can provide private investigation services for many different situations. We can also provide background checks on individuals to verify facts or provide additional information.
  • Electronic Reports: With Pro Security Group’s electronic reports, you select how much information you want to see. The options available let you customize the amount of detail you wish to see. Reports can even include time-and-date-stamped photographs of the locations, and any events or incidents that may occur. For more information, see the Electronic Reports page.

Looking for a security service not mentioned above? Please contact us, and we will be glad to discuss how we can expand the scope of our services to better meet your needs. Already know what security service you need? Please contact us today to receive your FREE site assessment, and start providing your organization with the safety it deserves. The presence of security officers at your organization helps to reduce employee theft, provide equipment protection, deter crime and ensure a safer environment.

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