Client Reports

Pro Security Group’s electronic reports offer you a range of options in an easy-to-read format that far surpasses older handwritten reports. Depending on the options you choose from a broad range of available options, you can get very brief reports or you can get more detailed reports with date-stamped photos of the locations you choose. The reports can provide detailed information about any incidents or unusual circumstances an officer encounters at each location. A GPS option is also available for an extra fee.

Electronic Reports

Contrast handwritten reports with the following new electronic report and the difference is immediately apparent:

pdf Electronic Example

  • The contact information for the report is immediately visible.
  • The form is digital, so there is no handwriting to decipher.
  • The officer’s name is easy to see and read.
  • The format lists the various locations that are part of the officer’s routine patrol route, according to client preferences.
  • The time the officer is at the location is automatically entered and is entered in the more common a.m./p.m. format.
  • Options under the locations allow the officer to add as much or as little information as required to document events. Dropdown options under each one act as prompts for the officer and allow quick selection of relevant items.
  • Photographs add visual evidence to support what the officer writes. For example, the missing mailbox at 9:33 p.m.



While handwritten reports offer valuable information, they have distinct disadvantages. See an example of the handwritten reports:

pdf Handwritten Example

  • An officer’s handwriting may be hard to read on the generic three-column form with no contact information.
  • Times/locations are manually recorded with no way to verify if a location was actually visited or when. The 00:30 entry might make one question how diligently the officer was patrolling.
  • The officer has discretion about how to write the times. In the example, they are in the 24-hr. clock format (20:30 instead of 8:30 p.m.), which might not be familiar to clients.
  • The remarks are limited to one line, so details are lacking. For instance, at 20:00 what was the source of the noise? What was done about it? Was it necessary to call police? Names of those involved in the incident? Of course an officer can use more than the one line, but that format discourages adding more than one line.
  • At 23:30, was the ground still wet in all areas? Was it wet because water was seeping out of the sprinklers? Did he check?
  • There is no opportunity to add photographs of any problem areas.


Contrast that report with the following new electronic report and the difference is immediately apparent.

Please contact us for more information about our electronic reports and the information options they offer.