Working with the Best

Our formula for success is a three-step process.

Step 1: Select the right officer. Our security officers must adhere to our strict standards concerning diligence to duty, pride in appearance, reliability, courtesy and knowledge of their specific post duties. Our officers maintain the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism.

All potential officers undergo a strict screening process, which includes:

  • An interview to determine the proper mindset for the job
  • Extensive background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Reference checks

Our goal is to find the officer that is just right for each client.

Step 2: Provide excellent ongoing training. To ensure effective job performance, our officers are trained to effectively and safely respond to both routine and emergency situations. All of our officers who are not already certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards (TCLEOSE) receive all their training from a TCLEOSE-certified instructor. (For more information, see Training Topics.)

Security officer training is an on-going process beginning with basic training, progressing to site-specific training and developing into advanced training. All officers must take continuing education courses every year to keep their security training current.

Step 3: Promote on merit. Our supervisors and managers are the final key in our formula for success. Experienced security officers who show leadership potential are extensively trained in the following before being promoted to a supervisory position:

  • Teamwork
  • Communications
  • Client relations
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Crime prevention

By using an experience-based system, we are able to provide our clients with supervisors that continually exceed expectations. Why is an excellent supervisory team so important to your security? Well-trained supervisors assist security officers in emergency situations to ensure that all security challenges are quickly and effectively met. They also conduct surprise onsite inspections of each security officer, which keeps our security officers focused and vigilant. Since continued training is exceedingly important in the security industry, our supervisors conduct on-the-job and refresher training to ensure the continued competency of each officer.

Professional Code of Conduct